Energy Healing Experience of Richard Gordon, Founder of Quantum Touch

Energy Healing Experience of Richard Gordon

Energy Healing Experience of Richard Gordon, Founder of Quantum Touch

Quantum Touch is one of the many healing modalities that utilizes the life force to promote health, healing, and wellness.

Richard Gordon, the founder of Quantum Touch, learnt the skill of energy healing from Bob Rasmusson. When Richard first met Bob, he was astonished to witness how Bob realigned the occipital ridge (base of a cranium) of a patient within a few seconds through breathing and laying of hands on the affected areas.

This following is a real life healing experience of Richard Gordon as written in his book Quantum Touch – The Power to Heal:

I think that the single biggest shock I had doing this healing work came about two years after I first learned the basic technique from Bob. I was in Los Angeles and was demonstrating Quantum-Touch before a group of about eight people. Margery had volunteered to be the subject of my demonstration. She had a severe case of osteoporosis and was hunched so far over, she would be looking down at the floor when she walked. I had her put on a button-up shirt backwards so we could get a close look at her back.

I was actually quite shocked when I first saw her spine. Every vertebra was severely misaligned. One vertebra was off far to the left, the next one down was much further to the left and the one below that was somehow pushed massively to the right. Some bones were sticking out further than I could ever have imagined possible. They looked like dinosaur bones. Other bones were indented a great deal.  Looking at her spine, it was easy to see why Margery was hunched over when she walked.

I began to run energy into her spine. I would work on one vertebra at a time, spend a minute or two there, and then move down to the next and do the same thing. After about fifteen minutes, people in the group started making comments to the effect, “Is this looking better, or is that my imagination?” Another fifteen or twenty minutes later, I started to hear comments like, “I am pretty sure it is looking better now.” It appeared that the bones were gradually finding a more aligned position. After the next fifteen minutes the comments started sounding like, “Oh my God, it is so much better!” By the end of an hour and fifteen minutes, we were all completely amazed.

I could hardly believe my eyes. Every vertebra in Margery’s spine was now in a straight line. The vertebrae that were grossly pushed out now appeared to be in a natural position. The vertebrae that were grossly pushed in now appeared to have come out. Margery stood up and suddenly she was much taller than I, when before in her hunched position, we were eye to eye. Margery’s daughter came into the room and started crying at the sight of her mother standing up straight. The mother and daughter embraced and cried. The people in the room couldn’t stop talking about it, and I was as amazed as any of them.

When I got to my friend’s home in Los Angeles where I was staying, the day’s events had really thrown my nice and comfortable beliefs into a tizzy. I remember sitting on the floor with my back against the wall contemplating what had just occurred. Suddenly I heard a loud and very believable voice in my own head saying, “THAT DID NOT HAPPEN!”

For a brief moment I actually believed it. Then I protested within myself, recalling how people had commented that they thought her spine was gradually looking better, how the vertebrae moved till they were all realigned. I recalled how she was standing up very straight and tall, crying gratefully with her daughter. “No,” I protested within myself, “it did happen! This is real.”

Source: Quantum Touch – The Power to Heal 

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