5 Alternative Ways of Meditation

5 Alternative Ways of Meditation

Meditation is a practice to allow your mind to settle and stay present, relax, and alert.

Let’s face it, the practice of silent, seated meditation is not for everyone. Some people may find the practice misaligned with their personalities, resulting in physical and mental pain rather than inner peace and joy.

If you are one of those who, for some reasons, are not accustomed to the seated meditation, no matter how hard you try, you can always resort to other ways to attain a meditative state of mind.

Here are 5 alternative ways of meditation that you can do to calm and relax your mind:


#1 – Coloring

Adult coloring books are awesome! Get one and spend at least half an hour coloring before bedtime. Most of these books feature relaxing patterns that ‘hypnotize’ your mind.


#2 – Classical Music

When you listen to the beautiful works of your favourite composers, different kinds of emotions start breaking through the armor.


#3 – Hatha Yoga

Gentle and slow, it allows you to focus on movements you make. With practice, your mind will focus on nothing else but the movements. That’s meditation in movement.


#4 – Breathing

Breathing itself can be turned into a meditative practice. All you need to do is sit down in a comfortable posture, with your spine as elongated as possible, and your shoulders relaxed.


#5 – The Practice of Gratitude

Be grateful for waking up in the morning and for the people in your life. When someone gets on your nerves, be grateful for the awesome personality traits they have and try to focus on that positive side.

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