❤️Engage Minerva Lee for Distance Energy Healing ❤️

❤️What is Energy Healing (Distance Healing)

Energy healing is part of the “Energy Medicine” that promotes the healing process through the power of thought, breathing, intention, prayer, and meditation.

As opposed to the “laying of hands” method used in face-to-face session, distance energy healing relies solely upon the power of thought and meditation through intention and concentration.

To find out more about various types of healing modalities, check out this blog post: 10 Types of Energy Healing Modalities

❤️Minerva’s Background in Spiritual Trainings

  • Quantum Touch Level 1 (Certificate of Completion)
  • Quantum Touch Level 2 (Certificate of Completion)
  • Silva’s Method (Basic Lecture Series)
  • Silva’s Method (Graduate Programme)
  • Longevitology (Basic and Intermediate Course)
  • Reiki 1
  • Reiki 2
  • Reiki 3


“I had a hip misalignment. As Minerva went into her meditation within a few seconds, I could feel a tremendous heat in my right hip. My hip was aligned after just one session! Thank you Minerva!” – Ying, 25, Malaysia

“My shoulder was lop-sided. After just one session of healing which lasted less than 2 minute, my shoulder was observably more balanced. Best of all, the result was permanent.” – Tony, 33, Singapore

“My son was 5-year-old but he was unable to speak. After about one month of healing, my son was finally able to speak a few words. It was truly amazing! Minerva is highly recommended. ” – Ms Lai, 40, Malaysia

❤️Agreements Before Engaging Minerva for Energy Healing Services

Before you register for free energy healing, your agreement to the following points will be helpful in your healing journey:

  1. The energy healing conducted by Minerva is a combination of meditation, breathing, visualization, and Buddhist prayers. Please make sure you are comfortable with the healing modalities used.
  2. You may request for healing in all aspects of your life, be it health, relationship, career, so long as they are wholesome and beneficial for you to achieve well-being and happiness.
  3. There is no guarantee that energy healing works for you, even if multiple healing sessions are conducted. The results of the healing vary substantially among individuals. Depending on the individuals, there may, or may not be, any results. Thus, letting go of attachment and expectation to the healing outcome is pivotal.
  4. Energy healing is an alternative healing modality that serves to complement existing medical treatment; it is not intended to replace your existing medical treatment. Please seek professional care if you are concerned about your medical conditions.

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❤️May you be free, healthy, and happy. ❤️

❤️Nam Myoho Renge Kyo ❤️



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