10 Inspirational Quotes from Master Hsing Yun

Master Hsing Yun

Master Hsing Yun is the founder of Fo Guang Shan, Buddha’s Light International Association, Hsi Lai Temple, Nan Tien Temple, as well as tertiary education institutions such as University of the West, Fo Guang Shan University, Nan Tien Institute, etc.

An advocate and proponent of “Humanistic Buddhism” which places an emphasis on integrating Buddhist practices into everyday life.

Quote #1

“Peace is the art of etiquette; talking softly is the mark of civilization; smiling is the sunshine of relationships; trust is the friend of success. This is the protocol for modern people.” – Master Hsing Yun

Quote #2

“People with a beautiful face do not necessarily have a life that is full of happiness. People with a pure mind will be able to have a life that is full of joy.” – Master Hsing Yun

Quote #3

“Worries are like weeds: once they take root, you cannot burn them down; thus, we should guard our minds against faults.” – Master Hsing Yun

Quote #4

“A smile is the most beautiful color in the world; praise is the best sound in the world.” – Master Hsing Yun

Quote #5

“Studying Buddhism is like an olive: it will be sweet after the bitterness and sourness. Practicing the Buddhist teachings is like drinking ice water: it will be pure and refreshing after the coldness.” – Master Hsing Yun

Quote #6

“Live your life with an even mind. Examine yourself with a humble mind. Cultivate yourself with a non-abiding mind. Devote yourself to the Way with a bodhi mind.” – Master Hsing Yun

Quote #7

“Mud can grow a lotus flower; a humble family can foster a filial son; a furnace can forge iron and steel; hardship can shape a great man; bitterness can conceal sweetness; worry can transform into bodhi.” – Master Hsing Yun

Quote #8

“If you want to succeed in becoming a great person, you must resolve to accomplish important things. If you want to attain the Way, you must vow to liberate all living beings.” – Master Hsing Yun

Quote #9

“A person should be like a rubber ball: the harder you hit it, the higher it bounces.” – Master Hsing Yun

Quote #10

“The great ones— saints and sages of the world— succeeded through determination; all the Buddhas and bodhisattvas of the spiritual world attained enlightenment through vows.” – Master Hsing Yun

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