10 Inspirational Quotes in the Lotus Sutra (Part 2)


10 Inspirational Quotes in the Lotus Sutra (Part 2)

Shakyamuni Buddha expounds that the Lotus Sutra is the king of all sutras. Why is this so? Because the Lotus Sutra contains the seed of Supreme Perfect Enlightenment that will enable everyone to attain Buddhahood.

The purpose of the Buddha’s lifetime teaching is to show and guide people toward the path of Buddhahood. That is the essence of Buddhism. Buddhism is peace, happiness, and liberation, rooted in boundless wisdom and compassion.

Here are the 10 inspirational quotes in the Lotus Sutra (Part 2):

Quote #1:

All the Buddha’s Teaching are in the Lotus Sutra 

In essence, I have revealed and expounded all the teachings of Tathagata, all the effortless divine powers of Tathagata, all the Secret Treasuries of Tathagata, and all the profound historical events of Tathagata in the Lotus Sutra. Therefore, after the parinirvana of Tathagata, all of you shall single-mindedly practice the Law by accepting, embracing, reading, reciting, explaining, preaching, copying, and transcribing the Lotus Sutra.  (Lotus Sutra 21: 1.8) 

Quote #2:

Bodhisattva Never Disrespectful was Shakyamuni Buddha’s Previous Incarnation and the Lotus Sutra Is the Key to His Attainment of Buddhahood

“O Gainer of Great Authority! Who do you think this Bodhisattva Never Disrespectful was at that time? This person is none other than I myself! In my previous lifetime, had I not accepted, embraced, read, recited, and expounded the Lotus Sutra for others, I would never have been able to attain Supreme Perfect Enlightenment so quickly. Because I was able to accept, embrace, read, recite, and expound the Lotus Sutra for others in the presence of the former Buddhas, I was able to quickly attain Supreme Perfect Enlightenment. (Lotus Sutra 20: 1.15) 

Quote #3:

The Lotus Sutra is Itself an Object of Worship Because the Entire Life and Body of the Buddha is in the Lotus Sutra 

“O Medicine King! Wherever the Lotus Sutra is expounded, read, recited, or copied, then at the location in which the sutra is kept, a pagoda made of seven precious jewels should be constructed. The pagoda will be lofty, spacious, and majestically ornamented. There is no need to enshrine the relics of the Buddha. Why is this so? Because the entire body of Tathagata is already present there. Offerings such as an assortment of flowers, incense, necklaces, silk canopies, streamers, banners, music, chants, reverence, and praises should be given to these pagodas. If there are people who have seen such towers and they bow, worship, and give offerings, then you should know that these people are near Supreme Perfect Enlightenment. (Lotus Sutra 10: 2.4) 

Quote #4:

Propagate the Lotus Sutra Widely for the Benefit of All Humanity

“For immeasurable hundreds of thousands of millions of billions of asamkhya kalpas, I have practiced this Law of Supreme Perfect Enlightenment that is rare and difficult to attain. Now, I have entrusted the Law to you. You must wholeheartedly focus on widely propagating the Law so as to bring increased benefits, blessings, and prosperity for all. (Lotus Sutra 22: 1.1) 

Quote #5:

It Is Not Easy to Encounter the Lotus Sutra Because Certain Conditions Need to be Fulfilled

The Buddha replied to Bodhisattva Universal Worthy: “After the parinirvana of Tathagata, virtuous men and women will be able to obtain the Lotus Sutra if they fulfill the following four conditions:

“First, they are protected and guarded by the Buddhas.

Second, they have cultivated an abundance of virtuous roots.

Third, they have formed associations with those who are already on the way to enlightenment.

Fourth, they have awakened the aspiration to save all living beings.

If any virtuous men and women have fulfilled the above-mentioned criteria, they will then be certain to obtain the Lotus Sutra after the parinirvana of Tathagata.”

(Lotus Sutra 28: 1.3 – 1.4)

Quote #6:

Parable of a Thirsty Man Illustrates that the Destination of Buddhahood is Near if One has Encountered the Lotus Sutra

“O Medicine King! Suppose there was a man who was extremely thirsty and in need of water. So he began digging a hole on a high plateau in search of water. When he saw that the soil was arid and dry, he knew that the water was still a long distance away. Yet, not being disheartened, he continued his efforts ceaselessly. Gradually, he saw the soil becoming damper and damper. At long last, he reached the mud. Therefore, his determination became stronger, knowing that he was near the source of water. The bodhisattva is exactly like this. So long as the person has not yet heard, understood, or practiced the Lotus Sutra, then you should know that this person is still a long distance away from Supreme Perfect Enlightenment.  (Lotus Sutra 10: 2.3 – 2.4) 

Quote #7:

The Divine Powers of Bodhisattva Universal Worthy Ensures Widespread Propagation of the Lotus Sutra

“O Bhagavat! If any bodhisattvas were to hear the dharani, they should know that it is due to the divine powers of Universal Worthy. When the Lotus Sutra is spread throughout Jambudvipa, those who are able to accept and embrace the sutra should think in this way: ‘This is all due to the divine powers of Universal Worthy!’ (Lotus Sutra 28: 1.11)

Quote #8:

To Successfully Propagate the Lotus Sutra, Practice Great Compassion, Gentleness, Patience, and Emptiness (meaning Non-judgmental, Acceptance, and Magnanimity)

“To expound widely the Lotus Sutra for the four groups, these virtuous men and women should enter the sanctuary of Tathagata, put on the robe of Tathagata, and sit on the throne of Tathagata. The ‘sanctuary of Tathagata’ is a mind of great mercy and compassion toward all living beings, the ‘robe of Tathagata’ is a heart of gentleness and patience, and the ‘throne of Tathagata’ is the awareness of the emptiness of all phenomena. Fully embracing and applying the three principles, they are empowered to extensively expound the Lotus Sutra for bodhisattvas and the four groups of people with an unflagging mind. (Lotus Sutra 10: 2.11)

Quote #9:

Your Enemy in this Lifetime might be Your Good Friend in Previous Lifetime. Hence, Practice Acceptance and Non-judgment. 

“Because Devadatta was a good friend of mine, I was able to fully master Six Paramitas; develop benevolence, compassion, joy, and non-attachment; and be endowed with Thirty-Two Features, Eighty Types of Physical Elegance, purplish-golden skin, the Ten Powers, Four Kinds of Fearlessness, Four Social Rules, Eighteen Distinctive Qualities, and Divine Powers of the Way. Hence, the reason I was able to attain Supreme Perfect Enlightenment to widely save all living beings was solely due to the good friend of mine—Devadatta.” (Lotus Sutra 12: 2.2)

Quote #10:

Countless Bodhisattvas Vow to Carry Out Widespread Propagation of the Lotus Sutra

The multitude of bodhisattvas-mahasattvas repeated their vows and determination three times by speaking sonorously in unison: “O Bhagavat! Have no worries on this! We will definitely carry out the tasks according to the guidance of the Bhagavat!”

(Lotus Sutra 22: 1.6)

All the Lotus Sutra quotes listed above can be used for our daily meditation and recitation. One single stanza/verse/prose that appeals to you is all you need to empower you with the wisdom and compassion to attain Buddhahood (i.e. to be the best you are) in all aspects of your life.

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