10 Quotes about Buddhahood in the Lotus Sutra

10 Quotes about Buddhahood in the Lotus Sutra

10 Quotes about Buddhahood in the Lotus Sutra

The essence of the Buddha’s teaching (Shakyamuni Buddha as well as all Buddhas in the Universe) is the Law of Anuttara Samyak Sambodhi, the Law of Supreme Perfect Enlightenment, the Law of Buddhahood. The purpose of Buddhism is to teach people to walk the path of becoming a Buddha. That is the path of ultimate bliss and liberation.

The Sanskrit phrase “Anuttara Samyak Sambodhi” (阿耨多罗三藐三菩), which means “Buddhahood” or “Supreme Perfect Enlightenment”, is found not only in the Lotus Sutra but many sutras such as Heart Sutra, Amitabha Sutra, Shurangama Sutra, Diamond Sutra, Avatamsaka Sutra, to name just a few.

Here are 10 inspirational quotes of Buddhahood extracted from the Lotus Sutra:


Quote #1:

“Since all of you are awakened to the fact that
all Buddhas, the Teachers of the Worlds,
apply the expedient methods to teach the Law,
have no further doubts and
let your hearts be filled with immense joy!
For you know you will also become Buddhas!” (Lotus Sutra 2: 5.100)


Quote #2:

“Now, for you and the rest
I preach the Ultimate Truth—
none of you is shravaka
seeking to attain parinirvana.
All of you are actually pursuing
the way of a bodhisattva.
So long as you gradually learn and practice,
in no time you will all become Buddhas.” (Lotus Sutra 5: 2.41)


Quote #3:

The Buddha said to Medicine King: “Furthermore, after Tathagata has entered parinirvana, if there is one person who hears even one stanza or one phrase of the Lotus Sutra and experiences a momentary joy, I shall also bestow on this person the prophecy of attaining Supreme Perfect Enlightenment. (Lotus Sutra 10: 1.2)


Quote #4:

Thereupon, knowing that the bodhisattvas had requested three times consecutively, the Bhagavat proclaimed: “O disciples! Listen carefully to the secret divine powers of Tathagata! All heavenly gods, humans, and asuras in the entire Universe believe that the present Shakyamuni Buddha, who left the palace of Shakya not far from the city of Gaya, attained Supreme Perfect Enlightenment at the sanctuary of the Way. O virtuous men! In truth, however, it has been immeasurably boundless hundreds of thousands of millions of billions of nayuta kalpas since I became a Buddha. (Lotus Sutra 16: 1.3)


Chapter #5:

“Having acquired merits upon hearing with joy the eternal lifespan of the Buddha, these virtuous men and women will definitely attain Supreme Perfect Enlightenment.” (Lotus Sutra 17: 2.3)


Chapter #6:

“O Gainer of Great Authority! Who do you think this Bodhisattva Never Disrespectful was at that time? This person is none other than I myself! In my previous lifetime, had I not accepted, embraced, read, recited, and expounded the Lotus Sutra for others, I would never have been able to attain Supreme Perfect Enlightenment so quickly. Because I was able to accept, embrace, read, recite, and expound the Lotus Sutra for others in the presence of the former Buddhas, I was able to quickly attain Supreme Perfect Enlightenment.” (Lotus Sutra 20: 1.15)


Quote #7:

“A person of wisdom should embrace the Lotus Sutra
upon hearing the merits
after my parinirvana.
People such as these
will definitely be able
to attain Buddhahood.” (Lotus Sutra 21: 2.14)


Quote #8:

At that time, Shakyamuni Buddha rose from his Dharma seat and then displayed his great divine powers by using his right hand to touch the crowns of immeasurable bodhisattvas-mahasattvas. After which, he proceeded to make the declaration: “For immeasurable hundreds of thousands of millions of billions of asamkhya kalpas, I have practiced this Law of Supreme Perfect Enlightenment that is rare and difficult to attain. Now, I have entrusted the Law to you. You must wholeheartedly focus on widely propagating the Law so as to bring increased benefits, blessings, and prosperity for all.” (Lotus Sutra 22: 1.1)


Quote #9:

At that moment, Bodhisattva Upholder of the Earth rose from his seat immediately and said in front of the Buddha: “O Bhagavat! If there are living beings who hear this chapter of Bodhisattva Avalo-kitasvara—his effortless deeds, his universal manifestation of divine powers as the universal gateway to the Lotus Sutra—one should know that the merits and blessings accumulated by these people will be abundant!” When the Buddha expounded this chapter of Universal Gateway, eighty-four thousand people in the assembly conceived the aspiration of attaining Supreme Perfect Enlightenment. (Lotus Sutra 25: 2.25)


Quote #10:

“O Universal Worthy! During the last five hundred years after the parinirvana of Tathagata, anyone who sees those who accept, embrace, read, and recite the Lotus Sutra should think as such: ‘Before long, these people will arrive at the sanctuaries of enlightenment, vanquish the armies of devils, and attain Supreme Perfect Enlightenment. They will turn the Wheel of the Law, beat the drum of the Law, blow the couch of the Law, shower the rain of the Law, and sit on the lion thrones of the Law amidst the great assembly of heavenly gods and humans.’ (Lotus Sutra 28: 2.4)

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