10 Inspirational Quotes by Master Cheng Yen

Quotes from Master Cheng Yen

10 Inspirational Quotes by Master Cheng Yen

Master Cheng Yen is the founder of Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation, commonly known as Tzu Chi.

She often personally oversees many of the projects in Tzu Chi and gives innumerable guidance for her disciples and followers. The two Buddhist sutras promulgated by Tzu Chi are the Immeasurable Meanings Sutra and the Lotus Sutra.

As a result of her leadership in the bodhisattva works – international disaster relief, environmental protection, medicine, education – she is known as the “Mother Teresa of Asia”.

Here are the 10 inspirational quotes selected from the compendium of Jing Si Aphorisms:

Quote #1

“True happiness is measured by love, and not by one’s possessions.” – Master Cheng Yen

Quote #2

“Forgive those who unintentionally hurt us. Do not be someone who is easily hurt by others.” – Master Cheng Yen

Quote #3

“The beauty of people lies in their virtues; it is displayed through their good deeds, good words, and good heart.” – Master Cheng Yen

Quote #4

“Do not fear making mistakes in life, fear only not correcting them.” – Master Cheng Yen

Quote #5

“Be grateful always, for everything and everyone, at every moment.” – Master Cheng Yen

Quote #6

“True meditation is calming the restless mind in everyday living.” – Master Cheng Yen

Quote #7

“There are two things in life that cannot be delayed – being filial and being charitable.” – Master Cheng Yen

Quote #8

“Never lose courage. Never lose faith. Nothing in this world is impossible when you are determined.” – Master Cheng Yen

Quote #9

“A person with a generous heart and compassion for all beings leads the most blessed life.” – Master Cheng Yen

Quote #10

“Make good use of time and cherish what we have, treat one another with love, respect, and gratitude.” – Master Cheng Yen

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