Personal Experience: Overcoming Depression, Allergies & Rheumatism

Personal Experience:

Overcoming Depression, Allergies & Rheumatism


Meditation nurtures my heart. – Bei Fang, USA

Amazing Benefits in the Early Days of Practice

In August 2013, a former classmate introduced me to Bodhi Meditation, and I joined an 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat.

Light flowed in as I ventured  deeper into Bodhi Meditation. My spirits lifted as my physical problems  began to clear. I had suffered from gastric problems for more than 30 years. My digestive condition was often painful and even caused vomiting and diarrhea. Shortly after arriving at the meditation center, I rushed to the toilet and threw up, but felt much more relaxed afterwards. Strangely, since then, I’ve no longer suffered any gastric pain.

Following the teacher’s suggestion, I began practicing Energy Bagua every morning. For over 20 years, I could not perspire and when the weather was hot, I had bad headaches. Amazingly, I began perspiring after two months of Energy Bagua. It feels like I’m eliminating years of accumulated toxins and my head no longer aches. The new sense of ease in my body is matched by a new peace in my spirit.

I also used to have many allergies. Many types of fruits and meats caused my lips to swell, my body to itch, and in serious cases, caused breathing difficulties. I was also allergic to pollen and even sunlight, which would cause itchy and painful red spots from head to toe. Eighteen years of medication did not help, but shortly after I began my meditation practice, my allergies ebbed away.

Depression and Rheumatism Fade Away

During one retreat, I often went home later after class and  would forget to take my antidepressant. As I attended my fourth Health & Happiness Retreat, I was no longer on medication for depression. At the Second Level Bodhi Meditation Retreat, I finally bade a total goodbye to depression.

My physical condition continued to improve. I’d long suffered from bad rheumatism. My knees and legs ached, my joints cracked as I climbed stairs, and my fingers were stiff. During one of the prostration practices, I suddenly felt my entire body shiver, my teeth chattering from the chill. I rested and my condition normalized. I was puzzled, until later when my doctor declared me free of rheumatism during a checkup, It then dawned on me that prostration had purged me of my long-term ailment. Backaches and stiffness in my fingers no longer plague me.

Meditating as a Couple  

Meditation nurtures my heart. During the retreats, I received so much wisdom from Master JinBodhi’s teachings that I found myself able to connect with my husband in a new way. At first, he wouldn’t come to the meditation center with me. Over time, he saw how much I was benefiting and joined me. Now, we practice The Meditation of Greater illumination and chanting together every evening.

Like many who have suffered from depression, I once felt trapped in deep despair. Thanks to Master JinBodhi, I’ve stepped out of the darkness and walk into the light.

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.

Source: Meditation and Health Vol.7 No.1 Issue No. 18

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