Sitting on the Road to Save His Clan

Sitting on the Road to Save His Clan

The Buddha promoted peace and opposed war.

Once, King Virudhaka wanted to attack Kapilavastu. According to Indian tradition, if an army encountered a monk, the war had to be halted immediately. To protect his homeland, the Buddha sat quietly in the path of King Virudhaka’s army.

Since the army could not advance, the king got down from his carriage to ask, “Buddha, the sun is scorching, so it is inadvisable to sit for so long in the middle of the road. Why not sit under the lush trees where it is cooler?” the Buddha replied, “The shade of my clan surpasses any other shade.”

Touched by the Buddha’s compassionate words, King Virudhaka ordered the army to retreat.

Moral: Blood is thicker than water.

Source: Tales and Fables by Fo Guang Shan 

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