Spirit Attachment and the Buddha’s Solutions Documented in the Great Cundi Sutra

Spirit Attachment and the Buddha’s Solutions Documented in the Great Cundi Sutra

Spirit attachment means a spirit has attached itself to an individual’s energy field, hindering his natural ability to heal his physical and mental health. The spirit is like an opportunistic parasite who saps the energy away from an otherwise healthy person. The presence of an entity attached to the electromagnetic field of a person thwarts the ability of that person to undergo natural healing process. Once the spirit is released from the host, the aforementioned diseases will disappear on their own accord.

According to the book Cracking the Disease Code: Revealing Disease Causes, From Spiritual to Physical” by Darius Soon from Radiant Wellness Center,  many diseases such as autism, depression, panic attack, Lyme diseases, chronic exhaustion, etc have their roots on spirit attachment. Some of these spirits are linked to the deceased ancestors who have unresolved emotions such as grief, hatred, anger which, in turn, affect the electromagnetic field of the posterity. Thus, Ancestral Healing could be one of the possible ways of healing.

Buddhist Master Lu Jun Hong, who is endowed with the psychic gift of reading the spiritual totem, has pinpointed spirit attachment as the cause of some diseases or misfortunes encountered by people. He recommends a hybrid method that combines the wisdom of Buddhism and knowledge of spirituality as a solution for his followers. While conservative Buddhists have some reservations about Master Lu’s unorthodox teachings, his method has nevertheless helped many of his followers overcome various adversities in life.

In the Lotus Sutra, the Buddha mentions about consequences of unwholesome karma, one of which is spirit attachment:

“Their breath will always be foul, and they will be possessed by spirits and demons.” (Lotus Sutra 3: 5.97).

The solutions of spirit attachment can be found in The Buddha Pronounces the Sūtra of the Great Cundī Dhāraṇī: The Heart of the Mother of Seven Koṭi Buddhas, (佛說七俱胝佛母心大准提陀羅尼經). This is the sutra that teaches the Great Cundi Dharani:

Namaḥ Saptānāṁ Samyak-Saṁbuddha Koṭināṁ Tadyathā Oṁ Cale Cule Cundi Svāhā

Great Cundi Dharani is a powerful mantra taught by the Buddha as it enables one who hears the Dharma of Cundi Dharani to quickly attain Buddhahood:

    “Moreover, this Great Cundī Dhāraṇī, the great illumination mantra, was pronounced by all Buddhas of the past, will be pronounced by all Buddhas of the future, and is pronounced by all Buddhas of the present. I too now pronounce it for the benefit of all sentient beings, helping them to attain the unsurpassed bodhi. There are sentient beings with a meager store of merits, without roots of goodness, without the right capacity, and without the Seven Bodhi Factors. If they are so fortunate as to hear the Dharma of this Cundī Dhāraṇī, they will quickly attain Anuttara-Samyak-Saṁbodhi. If a person always remembers to recite this mantra diligently, he will develop immeasurable roots of goodness.”

The term “dharma” means not only the Buddha’s teachings but also natural phenomena or methods. To resolve the spirit attachment, let us find out more about the methods taught by the Buddha in the Great Cundi Sutra:

“To treat illness caused by a ghost, brush the patient with kuśa grass to which you have recited the mantra. Then he should be cured. For a child possessed by a ghost, have a young maiden twist five threads of different colors into a string. Recite the mantra once each time you tie a knot in the string as you tie twenty-one knots. Tie the knotted string around the neck of the child. Recite the mantra seven times to a few mustard seeds and sprinkle them at his face. Then the condition should be removed.

“Another dharma  is to draw a picture of the patient on a piece of paper. Strike it in front of the patient with a willow branch to which you have recited the mantra. This should also remove the condition.

“Another dharma is for a possessed patient who lives far away. Recite the mantra seven times to a willow branch. Send the willow branch to someone to strike the picture of the patient in his presence. This should also remove the condition.”

Spirit attachment is a natural phenomenon that is not only documented in the Buddhist sutras but also widely recognized by those engaging in the shamanic and spiritual energy healing works. Everyone is energetically vulnerable and susceptible to entities of low vibration at a certain point of life, especially so when one is experiencing grief and depression arising from major setbacks. While not all illnesses have their origin in spirit attachment, having an awareness that spirit attachment could be one of the possible root causes will empower you to help your loved ones suffering from chronic physical and mental health issues.

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