Law of Emptiness in the Heart Sutra | 心经的空性法则

What is the Law of Emptiness? Why does the Buddha teach the concept of Emptiness which is found across all sutras? How can we apply the Law of Emptiness to empower and transform our lives?

? Form does not differ from Emptiness, Emptiness does not differ from form. Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is form. The same is true of feelings, perceptions, volitions, and consciousness.
Shariputra, all phenomena are the expressions of Emptiness. There is no creation or destruction, no impurity or purity, no waxing or waning,

– Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra –

?色 不 异 空,空 不 异 色,色 即 是 空,空 即 是 色, 受 想 行 识,亦 复 如 是。 舍 利 子,是 诸 法 空 相,不 生 不 灭,不 垢 不 净,不 增 不 减。


? Key Takeaways:

?The nature of Emptiness and the impermanence of material phenomena are inseparable. It is from this Emptiness that the physical world arises.
? The Law of Emptiness = The Law of Dependent Origination
Matter is Energy, Energy is Matter (Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Form)
? Consistent with the Law of Conservation of Energy: Energy cannot be created nor destroyed but can change from one form to another.
? There is no God as the divine creator who creates and controls all beings


?空性法​​则 = 缘起法则
?物质就是能量,能量就是物质 (色即是空,空即是色)

?How can we apply the Law of Emptiness to purify and positively transform our lives? Let’s explore more about it in the next video.

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