How to Purify and Transform One’s Life through the Wonderful Dharma


? Scriptural Evidence #1

“If you wish to eradicate your karmic defilements then you should diligently read and practice this authentic sutra, ponder the First Meaning of the Profound Law of Emptiness so as to connect your mind with the wisdom of emptiness. You should know that, through every instant of your meditative thoughts, all your defilements will be eliminated forever without a trace.” – The Sutra of Meditation on Bodhisattva Universal Worthy

?Scriptural Evidence #2

“Buddha-nature is the Emptiness of the Foremost; and Emptiness of the Foremost is known as the Middle Way. The Middle Way is the Buddha, and the Buddha is known as the Nirvana.” – On Bodhisattva Lion’s Roar, Mahayana Mahaparinirvana Sutra

?Scriptural Evidence #3

“O Shariputra! You should wholeheartedly accept and embrace the words of the Buddha with faith and understanding. The words of all Buddha-Tathagata are the truth: there are no alternative Vehicles, only the One Buddha-Vehicle.” – The Lotus Sutra, 2: 4.15 (Amazon:

? Key Takeaways:

?The One Buddha-Vehicle that appears in the Lotus Sutra means the Buddha-nature.

?The ’First Meaning of the Profound Law of Emptiness’ refers to the Buddha-nature as well.

?If you wish to purify and transform your life, you will need to connect with your innate Buddha-nature through chanting, meditation of the Buddha, or recitation of the Mahayana sutras.

?Depending on your natures and inclinations, there are many methods to awaken your Buddha within. Find one method that suits your objectives and personality.

?Aside from your Dharma practices, you will take concrete actions of personal growth to actualize positive transformations of your life.

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