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10 Buddhist Meditation Teachers in America

10 Buddhist Meditation Teachers in America With the dawn of the millennium, Buddhism has gained tremendous popularity and acceptance in the Western world. A style of Buddhism that is distinctively western has emerged. As opposed to Eastern Buddhism in which reverence and chanting are the predominant styles of Buddhist practices, meditation is unequivocally […]

Six Paramitas: Six Perfections of A Bodhisattva

Six Paramitas Six Paramitas literally means Six Perfections; the six virtues that need to be continuously cultivated and perfected as part of a bodhisattva’s practice. The Sanskrit word “Paramita” means “perfection” or “completeness”. What are Six Paramitas? The Six Paramitas are Generosity, Discipline, Endurance, Diligence, Meditation, and Wisdom. #1 – […]

Mountain Top

Mountain Top Two travellers went hiking to reach the mountains. When they were half-way, the beginner looked at the undergrowth and began to lament, “Where is the beautiful scenery which you were talking about all the time?” His experienced companion smiled and answered: “You’re in the centre of it. You […]

Four Virtues of the Buddha

Four Virtues of the Buddha The Buddha embodies the four virtues, namely True Self, Eternity, Purity and Happiness, as expounded in Mahaparinirvana Sutra. These noble qualities are the true nature of Buddha’s life. Ordinary people like us can also embrace these qualities if we choose to embrace the Lotus Sutra […]