Tibetan Buddhism

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Tibetan Buddhist Prayers

Tibetan Buddhist Prayers Prayer is not a mindless, mechanical repetition of sutras or chanting of sutras; it is an opening of our hearts to connect and communicate with our Buddha nature. A successful meditation session, be they silent seated meditation or dynamic vocal chanting, hinges upon our state of mind. […]

Understanding Tibetan Buddhism (Part 3)

Understanding Tibetan Buddhism (Part 3) Tibetan Buddhism and Vajrayana In Buddhism, it can be classified into Esoteric Buddhism [密教] and Exoteric Buddhism [顯教]. In Buddhist doctrines, the latter, also known as Vyukta–upadesa in Sanskrit, emphasizes on phenomenological perception, while the former, also known as Guhya–upadesa in Sanskrit, emphasizes on ontological perception. Amongst the ten great sects of Chinese […]