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Sweep and Clean

One day, while the Buddha was walking past the door of the monk’s quarters, he heard Ksudrapanthaka sobbing loudly. Near him, a circle of monks had gathered to laugh at him for being so foolish. The Buddha approached Ksudrapanthaka and asked him why he was crying. “What has made you […]

Mountain Top

Mountain Top Two travellers went hiking to reach the mountains. When they were half-way, the beginner looked at the undergrowth and began to lament, “Where is the beautiful scenery which you were talking about all the time?” His experienced companion smiled and answered: “You’re in the centre of it. You […]

Taming a Mad Elephant

Taming a Mad Elephant Devadatta was a monk who wished to displace the Buddha as the leader of the sangha. Thus Devadatta was constantly coming up with schemes to murder the Buddha. One day, the Buddha led his disciples with their alms-bowls outside the city of Rajagrha to collect alms. […]

Maudgalyayana Rescuing His Mother

Maudgalyayana was foremost in supernatural powers among the Buddha’s disciples. While his mother was alive, she slandered the sages and those who were virtuous; therefore, she fell into the realm of hungry ghosts after death.   Using his supernatural powers, Maudgalyayana learned of his mother’s suffering and wished to offer […]