Ten Worlds – Ten Spiritual Realms in Buddhist Cosmology

Ten Worlds (十界) The Ten Worlds (also known as Ten Spiritual Realms of Life) delineate the various planes of existence in the Universe. It is part of the Buddhist cosmology that provides us a glimpse of the “homes” in which innumerable living beings dwell. A little knowledge about the Ten Worlds […]

Five Lessons Learnt from Bodhisattva Never Disrespectful

In Chapter 20 of the Lotus Sutra, the Buddha relates his past life experience as Bodhisattva Never Disrespectful without being asked by any of his disciples. This is significant because usually the Buddha teaches according to questions and requests of his disciples, as opposed to teaching the Law on his […]

Ten Epithets of the Buddha

Last week, we learnt about the Truths of the Triple Gem. In this week, we shall understand more about the First Gem: the Buddha. Eminent people of esteemed status usually have long titles. One of the examples is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II:  Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of […]

The Truths of the Triple Gem

Last week we learnt about the Essence of Buddhism, which is “Attaining Buddhahood.” This week, we shall learn about the Truths of the Triple Gem. The Truth of the Triple Gem The Triple Gem, also known as the Three Treasures, Three Jewels, Three Refuges or Precious Triad, refers to the […]

Essence of Buddhism in the Lotus Sutra

  Background The other day, I was browsing the web and chanced upon one of the videos in Buddhist Youth Network. This video is an interview of Ven. Matthew Richard, the French Buddhist monk who has served as the French interpreter for the Dalai Lama since 1989.  Here is the […]

Ten Misconceptions about Buddhism by Professor Robert E. Buswell

This is an excellent article written by scholar Robert E.Buswell and Donald S.Lopez Jr to shed light on the misunderstanding and misconceptions about Buddhism. It will be helpful for you to understanding Buddhism from the academic point of view. Enjoy! In the new series 10 Misconceptions about Buddhism, scholars Robert E. […]

Matanga’s Conversion

Among the Buddha’s monastic followers, Ananda was the youngest and the best looking. His face was as glorious as the full moon, and his eyes were as pure as lotus blossoms. He was also very intelligent. Once he heard the Buddha’s words, he would never forget them.   Once, when […]

10 Inspirational Quotes in the Lotus Sutra (Part 1)

1.   Deep Compassion of Shakyamuni Buddha “Every day, I am thinking: ‘How can I lead all living beings to enter the unsurpassed Way so as to quickly acquire the body of a Buddha?’” (Lotus Sutra 16: 3.23)   2.   Law of Emptiness “Why is this so? Because Tathagata […]

10 Inspirational Quotes about True Self

  Have you ever wonder what are the secrets to ultimate happiness, success, and fulfillment in life? If you look a little closer, it is none other than being true to your authentic and genuine self. Being your true self needs tremendous courage. You are not afraid of being judged by […]