About Minerva Lee


About Minerva Lee

– Translator of The Lotus Sutra
– Founder of Lotus Happiness

“Every day, I am thinking:
‘How can I lead all living beings
to enter the unsurpassed Way
so as to quickly acquire the body of a Buddha?’” (LS 16: 3.23)

Hello! I am Minerva Lee, the author of the translation The Lotus Sutra and Its Opening and Closing Sutras: A Beautiful Translation with Deep Love from a Lay Buddhist Practitioner.

With over 15 years of Buddhist practice under my belt, I have deep appreciation and profound insights of Buddhism from my experience of chanting “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.” This mantra is like a Midas Touch that could translate any dream into reality.  My actual proof, testimonials and benefits are countless. I am deeply grateful for all the overflowing benefits in my life as a result of this practice.

The Lotus Happiness is a website with an emphasis on engaged Buddhism, Spirituality and Self-Actualization. It is an initiative to contribute to the peace, happiness and advancement of humanity by tapping on the power of internet and social media. By establishing this website, I am tapping upon my natural flair – the ability to effortlessly and intuitively understand the deeper meaning of the sutras written in both Chinese and English – to spread the Dharma widely for the benefit of people around the world. My goals are:

  • to encourage people to read the sutras themselves and awaken to the truths that resonate with their hearts
  • to advocate the concurrent practice of both chanting of mantras and seated meditation
  • to empower people through awakening their True Selves so that they are able to unleash their strengths to create the greatest values

The Lotus Sutra is the teaching that accords with the true intention and spirit of Shakyamuni Buddha, for it contains the secret essence of the Buddha toward the attainment of Buddhahood. Therefore, it has immeasurable power to bring forth the Buddha-nature, or the Higher Self, for lasting happiness of each individual.

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The ability to give offerings to the practitioners of the Lotus Sutra will bring immeasurable merits and good fortune in your lives. Support Minerva by purchasing a copy of her work:

The Lotus Sutra and its Opening and Closing Sutras available at the Amazon

When Minerva is not doing the Dharma work, she is a full-time mom of two young boys. She enjoys reading, watching children animation, and listening to jazz. Her favorite animation is Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki, and her favorite jazz artist is Beegie Adair.

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